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Clotisol Blood Clotting Suspension

  • Stop minor bleeding in your pet immediately.
  • Bottle includes spout for easy application.
  • Protects and covers wounds.
  • Useful for dogs, cats, birds, and exotics.
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Clotisol® is an original formula blood clotting suspension used as an aid to stop bleeding in animals caused by minor cuts or wounds. Clotisol® can be used effectively in nail trims, beak trims, and on other minor bleeding sites.

Ferric Sulfate, Aluminum Sulfate, Collagen Protein, Chlorxyenol

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I use Clotisol® on?2021-04-21T14:16:11+00:00

Clotisol® is perfect for stopping bleeding on minor cuts and wounds. It is also useful for groomers during nail and beak trims.

Is Clotisol® easy to use?2021-04-21T14:14:17+00:00

Clotisol® is a liquid suspension, which allows for good coverage over bleeding site. It’s versatility makes it cleaner and easier to use than traditional blood stop powders.

I got a bottle to try and gave it to the techs and they all want more. It works great to stop minor bleeding especially for nail trims, and so much less mess than styptic powder. Will be purchasing again.

Raben F, ★★★★★

Help stop nail from bleeding quick, Easy to use and doesnt burn. Easy clean up.

Vetcove User, ★★★★★


Pet Hair Pic-ups


Pet Hair Pic-Up Roller and Refills:  quickly picks up lint, dust and dandruff from virtually any surface. Easily fits into a purse or briefcase. Works on most materials: clothing, upholstery and auto interiors !

Available as:

  • 60 Layer Pet Hair Pic-Up Roller
  • 60 Layer Pet Hair Pic-up Refill
  • 30 Layer Travel Size Roller

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Pet Hair Pic-ups2022-09-15T15:54:52+00:00



CLIPPERCIDE® Aerosol Spray:  clipper disinfectant/lubricant.

  • Disinfects, lubricates blades, cleans, cools and prevents rust!

Available in the following size:

  • 15 oz aerosol can – 12/case
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Wartsoff Makes an Appearance at the Tractor Supply Trade Show!


Wartsoff Makes an Appearance at the Tractor Supply Trade Show!

This week, we had the opportunity to showcase Wartsoff at the Tractor Supply Company 2022 Annual Sales Meeting Partner Trade Show. Although we had a small corner in a booth, Wartsoff had a strong presence with a pyramid of bottles in front of an informational placard.


We got to show how Wartsoff effectively and efficiently removes warts from dogs, cattle, horses, and goats. Warts are ugly, bothersome, and in some cases, dangerous. Get rid of them effectively with Wartsoff, the easy-to-use wart removal ointment from Creative Science. To find a way to purchase Wartsoff, contact us at 888-506-3039, or at

Wartsoff Makes an Appearance at the Tractor Supply Trade Show!2022-07-14T20:37:06+00:00

Summer Heat and Dogs’ Paws


Summer Heat and Dogs’ Paws

It’s nearly summer, and thing are already heating up out there. Record temperatures are being recorded across the country, and pavement is already hot to the touch. While you’re out there walking your dog, remember that they have sensitive paws, and that pavement that may seem cool can cause blisters or burns on their pads.

Pad Tough provides a protective coating to protect your dog’s paws from the extreme elements.  Effective, Safe, and Easy to Use, Pad-Tough simply sprays on your dog’s paws and forms a protective coating. This keeps them safe from injury.


Summer Heat and Dogs’ Paws2022-06-17T20:46:01+00:00