Breathalyser® – Benefits and Ingredients

Breathalyser® Drinking Water Additive – Benefits and Ingredients

Keeping up with oral health isn’t just about good-smelling breath and a nice smile. Bacteria can hide in cavities, loose gums, or in between teeth. Without proper dental maintenance, these bacteria can travel through the bloodstream and spread elsewhere, potentially causing a host of other problems. This is especially important before surgery, as bacteria from the mouth could enter the surgery site and cause life-threatening infections.

Breathalyser® Drinking Water Additive, however, contains Chlorhexidine gluconate, a germicidal disinfectant and antiseptic that kills bacteria and stops it from spreading throughout the body. Chlorhexidine allows Breathalyser® to not only mask bad breath, but to combat bacteria and infection. Using Breathalyser® routinely before surgery is a great way to ensure that oral health is in great condition, and to minimize the risk of infection during surgery.

Along with pre-surgical use, Breathalyser® is an essential part of any pet’s oral care routine. Dentistry is a vastly important component of any veterinary practice, and Breathalyser® is a tried-and-tested tool in the veterinarian’s arsenal. By promoting high-compliance while cutting down on hassle, this solution ensures both higher profits and greater customer satisfaction. As a healthy, pleasant-tasting solution for effective dental hygiene care, Breathalyser® fits into any animal hospital’s dentistry program.