Breathalyser® – crucial to happiness and health in your pet

Breathalyser® – crucial to happiness and health in your pet

Oral hygiene is crucial to maintaining a sense of happiness and health in your pet. Poor dental hygiene can lead to a build-up of plaque, which can result in periodontal disease.  When dental diseases are left untreated, they act as a gateway to additional problems, including lung, kidney, and heart disease.

A frequent method of maintaining oral hygiene is the act of brushing a pet’s teeth, usually with a toothbrush and toothpaste. Though effective, this method is messy, difficult, and leads to a weaker compliance in the animal.

Breathalyser® takes away that hassle of brushing while making oral hygiene a breeze. By treating a pet’s drinking water with Breathalyser® on a daily basis, one can ensure a healthy oral cavity while maintaining compliance in the animal, without having to struggle with a brush and paste.

Veterinarians know how important oral hygiene is to ensuring an overall healthy pet. Dentistry is a vastly important component of any veterinary practice, and Breathalyser® is a tried-and-tested tool in the veterinarian’s arsenal.  By promoting high-compliance while cutting down on hassle, this solution ensures both higher profits and greater customer satisfaction.  As a healthy, pleasant-tasting solution for effective dental hygiene care, Breathalyser® fits into any animal hospital’s dentistry program.