Wartsoff Makes an Appearance at the Tractor Supply Trade Show!


Wartsoff Makes an Appearance at the Tractor Supply Trade Show!

This week, we had the opportunity to showcase Wartsoff at the Tractor Supply Company 2022 Annual Sales Meeting Partner Trade Show. Although we had a small corner in a booth, Wartsoff had a strong presence with a pyramid of bottles in front of an informational placard.


We got to show how Wartsoff effectively and efficiently removes warts from dogs, cattle, horses, and goats. Warts are ugly, bothersome, and in some cases, dangerous. Get rid of them effectively with Wartsoff, the easy-to-use wart removal ointment from Creative Science. To find a way to purchase Wartsoff, contact us at 888-506-3039, or at

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Summer Heat and Dogs’ Paws


Summer Heat and Dogs’ Paws

It’s nearly summer, and thing are already heating up out there. Record temperatures are being recorded across the country, and pavement is already hot to the touch. While you’re out there walking your dog, remember that they have sensitive paws, and that pavement that may seem cool can cause blisters or burns on their pads.

Pad Tough provides a protective coating to protect your dog’s paws from the extreme elements.  Effective, Safe, and Easy to Use, Pad-Tough simply sprays on your dog’s paws and forms a protective coating. This keeps them safe from injury.


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Creative Science Announces New Padded Pet Splints


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Creative Science Announces New Padded Pet Splints

New Pet Splints Hit the Market After Series of Scarcity

Creative Science is excited to be introducing Padded Pet Splints, easily used pet splints that bend and adjust depending on your need. These splints are in full production and are ready to be ordered.

Padded Pet Splints are:

  • Bendable to limb contour, allowing ease of adjustability for pets of all shapes and sizes
  • Soft and padded to ensure comfort for the patient
  • Sturdy for stability during long recovery

Creative Science Padded Pet Splints come in 5 different sizes for differently sized pets. They can also be purchased in a set of five.

These sizes are:

  • Extra Small (9″ 1/2 L X 6″ 1/2 W X 3/4″ H)
  • Small (11″ L X 6″ 1/2 W X 3/4″ H)
  • Medium (12″ 1/2 L X 6″ 1/2 W X 3/4″ H)
  • Large (14″ 3/4 L X 6″ 3/4 W X 3/4 H)
  • Extra Large (16″ 1/4 X 6″ 1/2 X 3/4″ H)

“This is an exciting time for Creative Science,” notes Brad Butler, President, “as we believe these splints will fill a much needed role in the industry.”

Padded Pet Splints are now available to order. Visit How to Purchase or call 888-506-3039 to learn more.


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Breathalyser® – Benefits and Ingredients


Breathalyser® Drinking Water Additive – Benefits and Ingredients

Keeping up with oral health isn’t just about good-smelling breath and a nice smile. Bacteria can hide in cavities, loose gums, or in between teeth. Without proper dental maintenance, these bacteria can travel through the bloodstream and spread elsewhere, potentially causing a host of other problems. This is especially important before surgery, as bacteria from the mouth could enter the surgery site and cause life-threatening infections.

Breathalyser® Drinking Water Additive, however, contains Chlorhexidine gluconate, a germicidal disinfectant and antiseptic that kills bacteria and stops it from spreading throughout the body. Chlorhexidine allows Breathalyser® to not only mask bad breath, but to combat bacteria and infection. Using Breathalyser® routinely before surgery is a great way to ensure that oral health is in great condition, and to minimize the risk of infection during surgery.

Along with pre-surgical use, Breathalyser® is an essential part of any pet’s oral care routine. Dentistry is a vastly important component of any veterinary practice, and Breathalyser® is a tried-and-tested tool in the veterinarian’s arsenal. By promoting high-compliance while cutting down on hassle, this solution ensures both higher profits and greater customer satisfaction. As a healthy, pleasant-tasting solution for effective dental hygiene care, Breathalyser® fits into any animal hospital’s dentistry program.

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Ketocheck™ – The Effective and Versatile Way to Detect Ketosis in Cattle


Ketocheck™ – The Effective and Versatile Way to Detect Ketosis in Cattle

Ketosis, or the presence of ketones, is a metabolic state that leads to limited milk production, poor behavior and weight loss. Naturally, this could be harmful to anyone raising cattle for milk production, and treating it is easiest when it is caught early. Outside of a laboratory, ketosis can be difficult to detect.

However, Ketocheck™ makes diagnosing ketosis very easy and very quick. Ketocheck™ is a powder that tests for ketosis by changing a distinct purple color. By dropping milk, urine, or plasma from the affected cattle onto the powder, and waiting for the color change, one can easily detect the presence of ketones in the animal’s fluids. Results can appear in as little as two minutes after testing. Once the powder becomes purple in color, ketones have been detected. Only a small amount of powder is needed for this process, leading to one bottle of Ketocheck™ lasting for many different tests. A bottle of Ketocheck™ fits easily in ones pocket or medical bag and is ideal for use out in the field.

Kethocheck™ isn’t only cost-effective and is very accurate as it is 99% accurate for diagnosing subclinical cases of ketosis. This, along with its low price point and accessibility, provides no doubt that Ketocheck™ is a great tool for any cattle producer.

                                                                                                 Available in 20gm and 50gm bottles

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External Papillomas on Animals


External Papillomas on Animals

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Papillomas, or warts, on animals are essentially benign tumors on the skin, caused by viral infection.  Although some warts may regress or disappear over time, many can become inflamed or infected. Papilloma virus cause an increase in cell division within the skin, producing abnormal growth while preventing cells from dying from programmed cell death.

Papilloma viruses can be carried by animals without displaying symptoms, but pets with weaker or immature immune systems are likely to develop external warts. These viruses can survive in tough conditions and are able to go for long periods of time in environments outside of the animal. Typically transmitted through contact, Papilloma viruses can also be transmitted through food bowls, toys, and beds. Viruses often gain access to the body through cuts, abrasions, or with the assistance of biting insects.

Dogs can also contract papilloma viruses. Although single papillomas can sprout up on their own, one can find hundreds or thousands on a pet. As with other animals, dogs are more likely to contract a papilloma virus in a younger, more immature stage of their lives. Dogs with weak or damaged immune systems are also susceptible to these viruses.

Though warts can resolve without treatment through natural immunization, persistent warts are common and require treatment. Many people seek treatment with ligatures or surgery, but this can be messy, costly, and dangerous without proper medical care. Untreated papilloma viruses can be associated with certain cancers in pets, and thus, treatment is advised upon discovering the warts. Topical remedies, such as Wartsoff™, are commonly used to treat papillomas.

It is important to remember that while papilloma viruses can be transmitted by contact, a member of another species cannot contract the virus from that species. Therefore, humans cannot contract the virus from dogs, and dogs cannot contract the virus from cattle. However, as they can still be transmitted by members of the same species, treatment is still advised. Wartsoff™ is a topical ointment that aids in the removal of external warts without bleeding, stinging, or discomfort. It removes warts in cattle, horses, dogs, and goats while maintaining a low price point and a great effectiveness. Contact Creative Science LLC to learn more about Wartsoff™ today.

Available in 4 Oz Jars


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Clotisol, The Versatile Blood Stop Solution


Clotisol, the Versatile Blood Stop Solution

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Grooming is a very important part of having a pet. Neglecting to trim a dog’s nails can result in discomfort, deformed feet, and injured tendons. However, the trimming of nails can lead to nicking the animal’s paws, resulting in bleeding. With Clotisol®, one can stop this bleeding as soon as it starts.

Clotisol is not only for trimming nails. This blood-clotting suspension can be used to stop bleeding in small nicks, cuts, or other minor wounds one’s pets might have. Veterinarians love Clotisol® for its efficiency and versatility, as it can be used by veterinary nurses, aviaries, and breeders alike.

While bandages can be bulky, intrusive, and difficult to deal with, Clotisol® comes in a spray-top bottle for quick and easy covering of cuts or lesions. Since the suspension is blood clotting, Clotisol requires no adhesive or other support. The packaging is also spill-proof.

The ingredients in Clotisol don’t only stop the flow of blood. Clotisol also aids in actual wound closure while acting as an antimicrobial solution, reducing the presence of bacteria and other microorganisms in the wound.

Available in 250 and 500ml bottles

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The Importance of Pad-Tough in Winter Months


The Importance of Pad-Tough in Winter Months

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The winter months can be especially tough for dog owners. Frost, snow, and ice can plague dog parks and walking paths for weeks at a time, and these conditions can be brutal on a dog’s pads. Even when the ice has melted, the salt spread on streets and sidewalks are just as tough on a dog’s pads, and prolonged exposure to the chemicals in the salt can do further damage.

Pad-Tough™ is ideal for protecting pads in the winter. In addition to companion dogs, Pad-Tough™ is great for hunting or sledding dogs that need prolonged protection from extreme conditions and rugged terrain. By spraying Pad-Tough™ directly on their pads, one can ensure dogs’ pads are properly protected and toughened. Pad-Tough™ is quick drying, easy to use, and easily transported, making it ideal for use in the field. When ensuring total pad protection, Pad-Tough™ is the sure-fire way to guarantee a healthy paw.

Available in 4 oz bottles.

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Pad-Tough™ – The Best Protective Agent for Pads in the Winter


Protecting Your Pet’s Paws With Pad-Tough™

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Pad protection is one of the most important parts of being a dog owner. Extreme heat and cold can crack the pads, and rough terrain can cut into them and leave your pet injured or uncomfortable. Although dogs’ pads are naturally very resistant, they can cause your pet a great deal of pain when injured. Preventing their injury is as simple as not walking your dog on extremely hot pavement or through tough terrain, but to ensure the best protection in any condition, spraying their pads liberally with Pad-Tough™ is the most efficient option.

Along with using Pad-Tough™, dog owners should check their pets’ pads after rigorous activity to check for cracks, cuts, or splinters. Checking for any swelling or discoloration is always a good practice to keep, and looking out for foreign objects between their paws can prevent further damage. Both extreme hot and extreme col d temperatures can be dangerous for dogs, as the heat can damage the pads, and with cold weather comes ice, rocks in the snow, and other hazards during dog walks. If pavement is too hot for your hand to rest on, it is too hot for your dog’s paws. Along with the problems the heat brings, extreme cold usually results in a lot of ice-melting products to be on pavement. Most ice-melting products (ice salt, etc.) can be harmful to a dog’s pads, and thus should be considered when planning a walking route. Many deicers are fine for your pets, but many can lead to dried out, cracked, or even burning pads.

Many people suggest dog booties to protect pads, but these can be uncomfortable for the pet and lead to a lower compliance within the animal. An injured paw can be extremely painful for your pet, and Pad-Tough™ is the best way to guarantee paw protection. When used routinely prior to extensive outdoor activity, Pad-Tough™ can ensure a protected pad and a happy animal.

Available in 4 oz bottles.

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Nosorb™ – The Importance of Easy, Safe Urinalysis


Nosorb™ – Nonabsorbent Cat Litter For Easy Urinalysis

One of the most difficult tasks to perform on cats is extracting a urine sample. Many common methods involve inserting needles into the bladder or using a catheter, both of which are invasive and difficult to utilize with particularly fussy cats.
Urinalysis is too commonplace and important for overall health to require such difficult procedures. A cat’s urine can be tested for diabetes, kidney stones, kidney disease, and more. With the amount of cats currently in the United States alone, these issues occur far too often for their diagnosis to rely on controlling a cat long enough to perform one of these invasive methods.

Nosorb™, however, is an artificial, non-absorbent kitty litter, making extracting urine samples as easy as placing the pellets in a litter box. Fussy cats and difficult procedures are negated by the simplistic nature of the cat’s normal bathroom routine. Nosorb™ was developed by practicing veterinarians, and is made to be dispensable for out-patient use. The pellets come in either bulk tubs or cups, which can be filled by a pet owner and brought back to a clinic for analysis.

Available in 4oz collection cups and 5lb. tubs w/ scoop

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