Clotisol, The Versatile Blood Stop Solution

Clotisol, the Versatile Blood Stop Solution

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Grooming is a very important part of having a pet. Neglecting to trim a dog’s nails can result in discomfort, deformed feet, and injured tendons. However, the trimming of nails can lead to nicking the animal’s paws, resulting in bleeding. With Clotisol®, one can stop this bleeding as soon as it starts.

Clotisol is not only for trimming nails. This blood-clotting suspension can be used to stop bleeding in small nicks, cuts, or other minor wounds one’s pets might have. Veterinarians love Clotisol® for its efficiency and versatility, as it can be used by veterinary nurses, aviaries, and breeders alike.

While bandages can be bulky, intrusive, and difficult to deal with, Clotisol® comes in a spray-top bottle for quick and easy covering of cuts or lesions. Since the suspension is blood clotting, Clotisol requires no adhesive or other support. The packaging is also spill-proof.

The ingredients in Clotisol don’t only stop the flow of blood. Clotisol also aids in actual wound closure while acting as an antimicrobial solution, reducing the presence of bacteria and other microorganisms in the wound.

Available in 250 and 500ml bottles