Diagnosing Ketosis with Ketocheck™

Diagnosing Ketosis with Ketocheck™

Ketosis, also known as acetonaemia, describes a metabolic state in which cattle are using more body fat in production than they can metabolize. It is a metabolic disorder which halts milk production, and is typically developed within a postnatal state. For dairy cattle, this is typically within the first few weeks of lactation. For beef cattle, however, it is likely to begin in late pregnancy. In an article written by the National Animal Disease Information Service, data was shown that points to ketosis cases “increasing significantly in the winter.”

The most notable effect of ketosis is reduced milk production. This can also be indicative of problems with overall production from the herd. Multiple cattle slowing down rampantly in production can be devastating for breeders. Along with this, affected cattle also show a lack of appetite, heightened nervousness, and weight loss. These outwardly signs, however, may not appear in every affected cow.

Treating ketosis is very important for production. The typical methods are glucose replacement, which is usually done intravenously, and hormonal therapy. Both of these methods may involve some sort of injection, and dedicated follow-up treatments are always recommended. Veterinarians who specialize in cattle are familiar with these treatments. However, being able to treat ketosis depends on being able to diagnose it.

Ketocheck™ makes diagnosing ketosis very easy and very quick. Ketocheck™ is a powder that tests for ketosis by changing a distinct purple color. By dropping milk, urine, or plasma from the affected cattle onto the powder, and waiting for the color change, one can easily detect the presence of ketones in the animal’s fluids. Results can appear in as little as two minutes after testing. Once the powder becomes purple in color, ketones have been detected. Only a small amount of powder is needed for this process, leading to one bottle of Ketocheck™ lasting for many different tests. A bottle of Ketocheck™ fits easily in one’s pocket or medical bag, and it is especially ideal for use out in the field.

Available in 20gm and 50gm bottles