External Papillomas on Animals

External Papillomas on Animals

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Papillomas, or warts, on animals are essentially benign tumors on the skin, caused by viral infection.  Although some warts may regress or disappear over time, many can become inflamed or infected. Papilloma virus cause an increase in cell division within the skin, producing abnormal growth while preventing cells from dying from programmed cell death.

Papilloma viruses can be carried by animals without displaying symptoms, but pets with weaker or immature immune systems are likely to develop external warts. These viruses can survive in tough conditions and are able to go for long periods of time in environments outside of the animal. Typically transmitted through contact, Papilloma viruses can also be transmitted through food bowls, toys, and beds. Viruses often gain access to the body through cuts, abrasions, or with the assistance of biting insects.

Dogs can also contract papilloma viruses. Although single papillomas can sprout up on their own, one can find hundreds or thousands on a pet. As with other animals, dogs are more likely to contract a papilloma virus in a younger, more immature stage of their lives. Dogs with weak or damaged immune systems are also susceptible to these viruses.

Though warts can resolve without treatment through natural immunization, persistent warts are common and require treatment. Many people seek treatment with ligatures or surgery, but this can be messy, costly, and dangerous without proper medical care. Untreated papilloma viruses can be associated with certain cancers in pets, and thus, treatment is advised upon discovering the warts. Topical remedies, such as Wartsoff™, are commonly used to treat papillomas.

It is important to remember that while papilloma viruses can be transmitted by contact, a member of another species cannot contract the virus from that species. Therefore, humans cannot contract the virus from dogs, and dogs cannot contract the virus from cattle. However, as they can still be transmitted by members of the same species, treatment is still advised. Wartsoff™ is a topical ointment that aids in the removal of external warts without bleeding, stinging, or discomfort. It removes warts in cattle, horses, dogs, and goats while maintaining a low price point and a great effectiveness. Contact Creative Science LLC to learn more about Wartsoff™ today.

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