Ketocheck™ – The Effective and Versatile Way to Detect Ketosis in Cattle

Ketocheck™ – The Effective and Versatile Way to Detect Ketosis in Cattle

Ketosis, or the presence of ketones, is a metabolic state that leads to limited milk production, poor behavior and weight loss. Naturally, this could be harmful to anyone raising cattle for milk production, and treating it is easiest when it is caught early. Outside of a laboratory, ketosis can be difficult to detect.

However, Ketocheck™ makes diagnosing ketosis very easy and very quick. Ketocheck™ is a powder that tests for ketosis by changing a distinct purple color. By dropping milk, urine, or plasma from the affected cattle onto the powder, and waiting for the color change, one can easily detect the presence of ketones in the animal’s fluids. Results can appear in as little as two minutes after testing. Once the powder becomes purple in color, ketones have been detected. Only a small amount of powder is needed for this process, leading to one bottle of Ketocheck™ lasting for many different tests. A bottle of Ketocheck™ fits easily in ones pocket or medical bag and is ideal for use out in the field.

Kethocheck™ isn’t only cost-effective and is very accurate as it is 99% accurate for diagnosing subclinical cases of ketosis. This, along with its low price point and accessibility, provides no doubt that Ketocheck™ is a great tool for any cattle producer.

                                                                                                 Available in 20gm and 50gm bottles