Nosorb® – Nonabsorbent Cat Litter For Easy Urinalysis

Nosorb™ – Nonabsorbent Cat Litter For Easy Urinalysis

One of the most difficult tasks to perform on cats is extracting a urine sample. Many common methods involve inserting needles into the bladder or using a catheter, both of which are invasive and difficult to utilize with particularly fussy cats.
Urinalysis is too commonplace and important for overall health to require such difficult procedures. A cat’s urine can be tested for diabetes, kidney stones, kidney disease, and more. With the amount of cats currently in the United States alone, these issues occur far too often for their diagnosis to rely on controlling a cat long enough to perform one of these invasive methods.

Nosorb™, however, is an artificial, non-absorbent kitty litter, making extracting urine samples as easy as placing the pellets in a litter box. Fussy cats and difficult procedures are negated by the simplistic nature of the cat’s normal bathroom routine. Nosorb™ was developed by practicing veterinarians, and is made to be dispensable for out-patient use. The pellets come in either bulk tubs or cups, which can be filled by a pet owner and brought back to a clinic for analysis.

Available in 4oz collection cups and 5lb. tubs w/ scoop