Pad-Tough™ – The Best Protective Agent for Pads in the Winter

Protecting Your Pet’s Paws With Pad-Tough™

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Pad protection is one of the most important parts of being a dog owner. Extreme heat and cold can crack the pads, and rough terrain can cut into them and leave your pet injured or uncomfortable. Although dogs’ pads are naturally very resistant, they can cause your pet a great deal of pain when injured. Preventing their injury is as simple as not walking your dog on extremely hot pavement or through tough terrain, but to ensure the best protection in any condition, spraying their pads liberally with Pad-Tough™ is the most efficient option.

Along with using Pad-Tough™, dog owners should check their pets’ pads after rigorous activity to check for cracks, cuts, or splinters. Checking for any swelling or discoloration is always a good practice to keep, and looking out for foreign objects between their paws can prevent further damage. Both extreme hot and extreme col d temperatures can be dangerous for dogs, as the heat can damage the pads, and with cold weather comes ice, rocks in the snow, and other hazards during dog walks. If pavement is too hot for your hand to rest on, it is too hot for your dog’s paws. Along with the problems the heat brings, extreme cold usually results in a lot of ice-melting products to be on pavement. Most ice-melting products (ice salt, etc.) can be harmful to a dog’s pads, and thus should be considered when planning a walking route. Many deicers are fine for your pets, but many can lead to dried out, cracked, or even burning pads.

Many people suggest dog booties to protect pads, but these can be uncomfortable for the pet and lead to a lower compliance within the animal. An injured paw can be extremely painful for your pet, and Pad-Tough™ is the best way to guarantee paw protection. When used routinely prior to extensive outdoor activity, Pad-Tough™ can ensure a protected pad and a happy animal.

Available in 4 oz bottles.