Pad-Tough™ – The Simple Solution to Strengthening Your Dog’s Pads

Pad-Tough™ – The Simple Solution to Strengthening Your Dog’s Pads

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One of the most enjoyable ways to care for your dog is taking it for walk or playing fetch. Seeing your pet bound around with wild abandon demonstrates their enthusiastic, care-free nature. A frustrating moment for pet parents, however, is when their beloved pet returns to them with cracked or bleeding paws. Ranging from hot pavement to littered glass and other sharp objects, there are many hazards that can damage a dog’s paws. Once a dog’s paw is damaged it is often slow to heal and usually requires exercise restriction. By applying a protective barrier to the pet’s paws with Pad-ToughTM before they face the elements, pet owners will assist in keeping their dog’s paws protected.

Pad-ToughTM is also very useful for working and sporting dogs. It’s recommended that Pad-ToughTM is applied with an easy to use trigger spray before any activity that may potentially stress or damage paws. With a formula meant to provide a protect barrier and comfort, Pad-ToughTM is a great choice for shielding your pet from the elements.

The cost-effectiveness and ease of application make this product a must-have for any dog parent with an active dog.

Available in 4 oz bottles.