• Protects pads and elbows
  • Ideal for hunting and working dogs
  • Quick drying
  • Contains Comfrey Extract and Aloe Vera
  • Easy-to-use finger tip sprayer
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Isopropyl Alcohol, Distilled Water, Comfrey Extract, Ethyl Alcohol, Propylene Glycol, Benzoin, Storax, Tolu Balsam, Aloe Vera.

Pad Tough™ is a protective covering and toughening agent for use on a dog’s pads and elbows.

Does Pad-Tough™ include a spray pump?2021-04-21T14:18:02+00:00

Yes, every bottle of Pad-Tough™ includes a spray pump, which allows for easy application at home, in a clinic, and in the field.

Does Pad-Tough™ contain Aloe Vera?2021-04-21T14:17:13+00:00

Yes, Aloe Vera is used to soothe and comfort the application area.