Proud Flesh: Effects and Solutions

Proud Flesh: Effects, Causes, and Solutions

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Proud flesh is a term used to describe excess growth of granulation tissue around a flesh wound. In normal amounts, granulation tissue helps the healing process of a wound, protecting it from infection and helping reduce its size. However, developing too much granulation tissue will prevent the wound from fully healing, leaving it exposed to infection. When left to grow, proud flesh can become tumor-like in appearance.

Proud flesh is more likely to develop on horses than any other animal, and on these horses, it tends to develop most on the lower part of limbs. The American Association of Equine Practitioners has stated several factors for the development of excessive proud flesh: excessive movement of the healing tissue, a reduced blood supply, infection of the wound, and minimal soft tissue coverage around the wound.

Proud flesh is unsightly and dangerous. It can cause disqualification from shows and other activities, while causing the animal a great deal of discomfort. If the proud flesh on a wound becomes too exuberant, surgery may be required to remove it. However, topical ointments such as Proudsoff™ can be used to treat proud flesh before it spreads too far.

By applying a thin layer of Proudsoff™ to the infected area once daily, one can ensure the elimination of excess granulation tissue. Before each application, one should clean the dead tissue and other debris from the lesion. This can be done with soft cotton or gauze. Once the proud flesh is gone, discontinue using the ointment and bandage the wound. Proudsoff™ is not for use on wounds that do not contain proud flesh.