The Importance of Pad-Tough in Winter Months

The Importance of Pad-Tough in Winter Months

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The winter months can be especially tough for dog owners. Frost, snow, and ice can plague dog parks and walking paths for weeks at a time, and these conditions can be brutal on a dog’s pads. Even when the ice has melted, the salt spread on streets and sidewalks are just as tough on a dog’s pads, and prolonged exposure to the chemicals in the salt can do further damage.

Pad-Tough™ is ideal for protecting pads in the winter. In addition to companion dogs, Pad-Tough™ is great for hunting or sledding dogs that need prolonged protection from extreme conditions and rugged terrain. By spraying Pad-Tough™ directly on their pads, one can ensure dogs’ pads are properly protected and toughened. Pad-Tough™ is quick drying, easy to use, and easily transported, making it ideal for use in the field. When ensuring total pad protection, Pad-Tough™ is the sure-fire way to guarantee a healthy paw.

Available in 4 oz bottles.